Sunday, April 4, 2021

Snapshots: Baby Plants! And Easter Prep

Happy Easter! Let's see what we have this week, shall we?

My hair was getting long, so I made an appointment with my stylist.

Meaning, I presented myself to A. with a comb and a pair of scissors and asked him to cut my hair. And of course, monkey see, monkey do.

Such a cute little monkey, too.

We dyed our eggs on Friday. I don't buy the kits, so I experiment with different ways to dye them with things I have on hand. This year, that was paprika (orange), curry powder (yellow), and beet skins (I expected pink, but got more of a purple).

I actually had the beet skins in the freezer from when I roasted beets in, um, January.

Yes, I thought far enough ahead in January to save the skins from my roasted beets, specifically for dying Easter eggs. I asked A. if that meant I should get a medal or be committed. "Commended or committed? That's the question," he replied.

I just thought that was funny.


I let the kids color on the eggs with crayons to make patterns, and then put them (the eggs, not the kids) in bowls with the spices and beet-y water.

In process. The egg on top of the liquid was a half orange, half yellow one.

The finished product is definitely less technicolor than the results from one of those kits, but I like them better.

The yellow curry (the dying agent in it is actually turmeric) makes the brightest color, although you can't really see it in this photo.

This year's Easter baskets are not as sparse as last year's Pandemic Special.

The chocolate crosses were sent by my mother just after Easter last year, and I stuck them in the big freezer until, uh, now. The random other candies are from Halloween, also stored in the freezer. Each child also gets a balloon, a package of Model Magic, and a book. The only thing I bought was the books.

And now, baby plants! Whee!

Baby beets.

Baby spinach.

Baby carrot.

Baby snow peas.

Slightly bigger baby cabbage. Toddler cabbage?

And a daffodil! Yay!

And there you have it! My life, snapshotted.


Anonymous said...

Such a great idea for the egg dying. I was recently watching a you tube video where a girl dyed clothing with boiled onion skins & (in a separate pot) with avocado skins & seeds. I had no idea...
Happy Easter!

mil said...

Good work. I really like the soft natural colors.

Kay said...

I like the natural dyes also.

Gemma's person said...

and money saving... all good!