Tuesday, April 6, 2021

T.T.: An Update

I'm sure you've all been consumed with curiosity about the fate of the purple balloon. Has it been replaced by something more permanent, but less amusing? Or is it still fulfilling its admittedly strange life purpose of keeping the toilet working?

Well. Let me show you.

Over seven months later, and still as purple as ever.

I have found the fountain of youth, and it is in a toilet tank. At least for balloons.


Anonymous said...


Karen. said...

Hehe, that's pretty good.

We fixed our toilet with a paper clip, but it kept rusting away. Now I feel sort of silly for buying a new handle, lol. At least this time it's got a plastic arm, so hopefully it won't decay as quickly where the chain has to attach.

Gemma's person said...

Life is good as a woodchuck!