Sunday, February 25, 2024

Snapshots: Repairs

My oven was taking forever to heat, and also had an alarming smell of propane. Thanks to the internet, I figured out that the igniter needed to be replaced. Also thanks to the internet, I ordered a new one.

The internet couldn't help A. with the installation.

The most important part was getting light in there.

The installation was not without its difficulties--as always--but A. triumphed in the end, and I can bake again.

We woke up to more rime several days ago.


A close up.

And a closer up.

This rime was oddly spiky. It wasn't hard, and would just drift right off when I touched it, but it looked really weird.

I have been trying to get the windshield on our van replaced for several months now. As with most things, it's much harder to get done here than in a more-populated area. 

The first time they were supposed to come, they canceled because of weather. 

The second time, they came without telling us they were coming and I was in the city at a physical therapy appointment.

The third time, they canceled because their truck needed to be fixed.

But finally, the fourth time was the charm and they replaced the windshield on Friday.

The view from the van. So much better. What I don't see anymore: Scratches, nicks in the glass, and a big crack at the top.

I came home from a basketball game the other evening to find that two of the children had retrieved the Christmas tree from where it was awaiting burning and had set it up in the pasture.

This was part of a lumberjack game, I was told.

There you have it! My life, snapshotted.


Anonymous said...

Only 7 months!

Anonymous said...

That rime you have, is that the same as hoar frost that we have here in the northeast? Although, I think your rime is thicker than our hoar frost. Yay to baking again!

Mei said...

Even with the frost (or perhaps because of it) it is beautiful there. It reminds me of the steppes of Mongolia.

Tu mere said...

Will have to ask about the lumberjack game. Very interesting.

Mable said...

I had never heard the word rime before, so thanks for the education!

Kristin @ Going Country said...

Linda: It's pretty interesting if you look it up, but basically, rime is frozen fog that forms spikier crystals. This makes sense, since we are frequently in a cloud here due to our elevation. Hoarfrost is fluffier and comes from moisture close to the ground.