Thursday, April 10, 2008

I Am a Financial Genius

Allow me to share my financial wisdom with you. Warren Buffett, take note.

First, some history (what, you thought I would actually get to the point right away? Ha!). My financial education first began with a book my father gave me when I was about 16 called "The Millionaire Next Door." This is a terrible book (sorry, Dad). It's written in this kind of folksy style about some barber (who is, of course, a millionaire next door, but no one knows it) who dispenses financial advice along with haircuts. I did manage to read several wretchedly written chapters, but quit at the life insurance and living wills chapter. Those didn't seem to so much apply, since I was 16, for God's sake.

I managed to learn nothing more until 8 years later, when I went to work as a proofreader for a company that publishes financial newsletters, among other things. I read a lot of financial advice there, most of which I paid not much attention to because the newsletters were written for and distributed by banks and other financial institutions that want your money. Hi, biased much?

BUT, I have a point, I swear to God. One of the pieces of information that did manage to take up residence in my otherwise sieve-like brain is that you should not order checks from your bank. I had no idea there were other options. So today, I realized I'm almost out of checks, and ding! A bell went off and my brain un-filed that one useful tidbit of information I retained from 3 years of cubicle hell. So just to be thorough about it, I checked with my bank first, then I Googled "order cheap checks." I chose a company that had verifiable security, since you have to give them all your account information, obviously. In case you're wondering, it was Carousel Checks. But I won't give them a rousing endorsement until I see if any money is siphoned from my account in the near future.

The point! Yes! The point is this, finally. Totals for 150 standard checks, including shipping: KeyBank--$30. Carousel Checks--$6.

I think we've all learned a valuable lesson here. Don't say I never did anything for you.


SaraPMcC said...

I don't remember ever reading about that! But I always order my checks online anyway; however, never for that cheap. I'll have to look into that company next time around. Did you get something cute on your checks? Mine have cows. (Oh, and that's ALL you learned? I know you retained more, like how if you cut out that cup of coffee and put the money into a retirement fund instead, you'll have so much more money to retire with...oh sure.)

moi said...

What - no comment on "all your eggs in one basket?" BTW - I never actually read that book.

The Barber Bunch said...

Every dollar counts! I recently re discovered the joys of the Dollar Store and Dollar General.

Oh.....I am a having my first contest. Pass the word and stop by my blog and enter!!