Sunday, April 6, 2008

Revenge Is Sweet (and Chocolaty)

In my younger days I earned a maybe deserved reputation amongst my siblings as a bad cook. There were Incidents. The time I made tuna noodle casserole and forgot the tuna. The time I swear I told my brother to take the steaks out of the oven and he didn't until they were pure carbon. And the time I messed up the pudding at Thanksgiving.

I was in charge of making the pudding filling for the chocolate pie. I was using a Jell-O package of chocolate pudding. You know the kind: heat milk, add mix, stir until thick. Do not ask me how I did this, but I burned it. But there must be chocolate pie on Thanksgiving! So I ran to the store to buy a new package of pudding mix, and I decided to play it safe with the instant kind. Which, ew. Instant pudding tastes instant. There was much hilarity over Kristin's inability to make Jell-O pudding. I don't think I've made pudding of any kind since then. It was a blow to my confidence.

But being the designated kitchen wench for the last several years and making 3 meals a day, every single day, mostly from scratch, has made some of those bad memories fade. I'm a good cook now. I know this, but some things from our childhood leave scars, man. However, I mustered all my courage and attempted pudding again today. From scratch. It was delicious.

Take that, Jell-O. Who needs you when I've got "Joy of Cooking"?

*It is clear from the above photo that I should stick to eating the food, not styling it. Who am I to argue with photographic evidence?


The Barber Bunch said...

your confessions made me think of my cousin. she made potato salad once....but she forgot to cook the potatos. Ha!

Happy Sunday!

mil said...

Is it chocolatey or chocolaty--?
To my great relief, both are accepted spellings. Crisis averted.

moi said...

OK - it looks a little pinkish in the photo - but you have been one of the undisputed culinary masters of the siblings for the last five years. And from-scratch pudding earns a HUZZAH. Hey, I don't even cook anymore.....

SaraPMcC said...

Pudding from scratch? Deeeeelicious! Looks good to me, anyway. And instant pudding is indeed disgusting.