Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Blackrock Birthday

I'm sure you were all just dying to know what we got Cubby for his first birthday. I mean, what could we possibly give to the best, most enchanting child in the whole world (in my totally unbiased opinion) to celebrate his very first year of life?

Well, since this is Blackrock, we figured 4,000 gallons of water was appropriate.

Yeah. Cubby's birthday began with me informing A. that the water pump was making unhappy noises and I was pretty sure the water was all gone. Sure enough, we were plumb out. We had been waiting to pump water from the creek near the house, figuring that surely it would thaw. It always thaws sometime in January or early February.

Except it didn't.

It is supposed to thaw out later next week, which is no help when we're out of water NOW. And we're having a rather large birthday party for Cubby today. I assumed that at least some of the 25 or so people who will be attending would probably want to use (and flush) the toilet at some point. And then, of course, there were the dishes that would need to be washed after the MiL finished baking three cakes.

Yes, three (3) cakes. We are nothing if not thorough when it comes to cake selection. And the MiL is nothing if not a little crazy when it comes to baking. But crazy in a delicious way.


So I had to call the two water delivery guys in the area early yesterday morning, figuring if I called both, at least one would be able to deliver the same day. We ended up getting 2,000 gallons delivered from each, for a total of 4,000 gallons. This filled the cistern almost completely and ensured that we will be able to flush the toilets many, many times before having to worry about pumping.

Flushable toilets--our gift to our son. Do we know how to create lasting memories or what?


flask said...

eh. he won't remember his first birthday anyway.

when he's on=ld enough, tell him the story of how he got water for his birthday and see how the story transforms in his personal mythology.

Anonymous said...

Now you have set the bar SO high he will one day expect an ocean. Beth
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jean said...

Ok, be honest. You didn't get the water just for the toilets. You got it so your son could take a bath. What kid doesn't like sitting in warm water and playing with measuring cups, spoons and other kitchen items. You rock.

Daisy said...

It's a story he'll tell his grandkids. "I was such a rural kid, do you know what the parental units got me for my first birthday? Water! Yes, water! And when I was old enough to walk to school, it was uphill both ways...."

sheila said...

Now that you can flush the toilet....Party on Garth!