Thursday, September 15, 2011


Oh wait. Did I promise I would tell you all about our fruit trees? Well, try not to be too disappointed today, duckies, because you know what trumps fruit EVERY TIME?

Chocolate. Specifically, the movie Chocolat.

Have you seen this movie? You should. It's so good. I saw it a long, long time ago, probably shortly after it came out, and remember vaguely liking it, so I got it from the library last time I was there.

I liked it again. And I also really wished I had some chocolate in the house. Other than chocolate chips, that is, which were no help whatsoever. After you watch multiple shots of creamy melted chocolate being swirled around in a big kettle, to say nothing of the many, many beauty shots of chocolate confections featured in the film, Nestle chocolate chips are pretty useless.

If you're going to watch this movie--and you should--first lay in a supply of chocolate. Candy bars, brownies, cakes, whatever. As long as it's cocoa-based. Trust me on this one.

Fruit trees to come tomorrow. If I don't get distracted again.

P.S. I was granted another hour and a half naptime yesterday. Which I squandered on a shower and doing dishes instead of pulling weeds. OH THE INDULGENCE.


Tami said...

Chocolate is "Oh so nice..." But Johnny Depp is better. Yum

Anonymous said...

Ever had a peanut butter and chocolate chip sandwich? You may change your mind about chocolate chips.

tu mere said...

Great movie. And you're also correct that it's a serious diet buster with the cravings it leaves for something sinfully chocolate. 1 1/2 hr nap - awesome. See, Cubby had a plan to make you really appreciate his nap time by consciously skipping one day. He really loves his mom to be so unselfish.

FinnyKnits said...

Imagine if you had your MiL's peanut butter chocolate cake handy?

I daresay it'd be perfect

Daisy said...

I read the book. Loved it. I almost never enjoy the movie based on a book - but this one could be an exception.

rls said...

I would rather lay in a supply of Johnny Depp when watching this movie. To each her own.

Jenny said...

I second that the book is awesome. But Johnny Depp makes the movie worthwhile!