Saturday, April 30, 2016

Let the Puppy Games Begin

Okay, are you ready? I want everyone to take a deep breath before you view this photo, the better to make the appropriate exclamation. Here we go . . .


That's Sky. He's a ten-week-old rough Blue Merle* collie puppy that the MiL brought home yesterday. He's her retirement gift to herself, but of course, she must share him with the small boys of the household.

Cubby has more or less not left the puppy's side since his arrival.

It's very cute.

Charlie likes the puppy, but is not so attentive.

Still cute, though.

Jack is mostly disinterested.

Puppies are okay, but not as fun as the ducks.

As for the older dogs . . . Mia is resigned to her fate as always, though doesn't go out of her way to engage Sky, and Otty tried to bite his face off within ten minutes of his arrival, so he prefers to hang out with the humans. Can't say I blame him.

At the moment he sticks close to the people and his crate, but I'm sure he'll grow into his natural role of raccoon killer and carrion chewer. He has plenty of time.

* This refers to his coloring and it means he has patches of black, white, and bluish gray. Rough means fluffy instead of short-haired like Mia and Otty.


Joan S said...

That blue merle puppy is just beautiful! Wish somebody had given me one when I retired! I grew up with collies and there is no better dog for small children!!! (Of course, I'm prejudiced!)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I am so happy for you all, but particularly for the MiL. Mary in MN

Anonymous said...

What a lovely, lovely, lovely puppy. I hope he already recognizes he's the luckiest puppy on the block!

Daisy said...

So beautiful!