Tuesday, April 26, 2016

More Fun All the Time

Day Two of Spring Break, a.k.a., The Week of Trial by Child:

Cubby appeared downstairs at 5:53 this morning, announcing that he had thrown up on his pillow. He then retired to the couch in the living room with a vomit bowl in case of further indignities.

Then Jack woke up and Cubby had to be relocated to the davenport* in the parlor with the doors shut to separate the invalid from a totally uncaring large baby who wanted to crawl on the invalid's face and put the vomit bowl on his head.

It's nice to have such a large house sometimes.

It's pouring rain outside, so I guess it's just as well that one of the Three Musketeers is out of commission and not going crazy in the house.

Now it just remains to be seen who else will fall victim to the virus. Stay tuned.

* A davenport is a couch, but since this couch is almost a hundred years old, it gets the designation of "davenport." Because that's what they were called when this particular piece of furniture was given to A.'s grandparents as a wedding present in 1928. History lives at Blackrock.


tu mere said...

I guess it's better Cubby than the other two, as it seems he's better at being sick alone. Gosh, will the illnesses ever cease. I'm keeping everything crossed so that no one else gets infected.

Daisy said...

Getting sick on break - I'm with you on this one. Isolate the germs as much as you can! I hope he's better soon and no one else picks up the virus.