Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Masked Moron, Times Three

When I was young, between the ages of five and eight, my family lived on the island of Oahu. As is only to be expected when living in Hawaii, we went to the beach a lot. We did not live particularly near the beach, however, so it was kind of a long drive every time.

It was boring for little kids, so to entertain himself, my brother--about ten years old at the time--would put on his swim goggles, wrap his towel around his head, stick up a sign in the window announcing himself as "The Masked Moron," and make faces at all the cars passing us.

Even at that young age, I mentally rolled my eyes and thought how dumb boys are.

I remembered this particular game a few years ago and thought to myself, "Oh my God, my own son is going to be a Masked Moron in only five years or so."

Yeah, that was wishful thinking.

The next generation of Masked Morons has arrived.

You can see Jack is already taking notes for his own ridiculous masked play when the time comes. There are three of these boy things in my house, you know. I guess I'd better practice hiding my eye rolling now.


Anonymous said...

Great memory! That and eating carrot sticks on the ride home. Sooooo many carrot sticks.
At least the audience will be mostly limited to the few guests that come to the house and not all the people on the highway.

tu mere said...

See, if you had let them spend all their time playing video games and watching movies and stuff, you might have skipped that whole weird, acting out imagination thing. Not on your life! It's the silliness that make the best memories. Keep those pictures coming.