Tuesday, April 13, 2021

T. T. : Cultivate Your Crazy

I have returned from my not-too-distant travels to the neighboring state.

And here I am at my parents' house, wearing my grandfather's fire helmet. Because why not.

The first thing I did upon my return to our rural outpost was enjoy my family's obvious happiness at my being home. The next thing I did was go to bed. The next thing I did was go to work. But then the next thing I did was go outside to visit my baby plants.

I realize this might not be high on the list of priorities for most people after an absence, but I have a history of doing it.

It's so fun to see how much they've grown since I left, and there are always some surprises.

Surprises like . . .

A very cheery row of daffodils.

Sprouting broccoli is finally sprouting. (This is a fall-planted variety that is supposed to overwinter and then grow little florets in the spring.)



And some carrots I apparently missed digging up that are starting to re-grow.

Okay, so I mostly just wanted to share photos of my precious plants without waiting until Sunday, but also, there is a tip in here somewhere. And that tip is this: Find what makes you happy and do it*, even if it seems weird to other people. 

For me, that's visiting my plants and gazing at them like an adoring parent for minutes at a time. What is it for you?

* Within reason, that is. If it's destructive to you, or harmful to other people, obviously don't do it.


Anonymous said...

Your daffodils are beautiful.
I'm so jealous of your asparagus. This is my favorite vegetable.

Gemma's person said...

When we had chickens , it was watching the chicken interactions endlessly.

mil said...

Plants of course. Magnolias are magnificent this year, as it was a mild winter and no snow so far to damage the blooms. And, Gemma, chickens. My mini-flock is churning up some soil in their chicken tractor so that I can plant field peas and oats as a cover crop in one of my formerly weedy nightmare areas. Crown imperials are multiplying; new red tulips look swell, as the deer have not found them.

Laura H said...

Loved this post!
Every morning. Before work and when I get home from work I visit my plants and flowers. Sometimes I bring a visitor (my husband) to admire with me.

Karen. said...

I planned to start no plants in the house this year. We had so many tomatoes last year that I'm truly set. But now there's a tomato in the fridge that's growing .... and in my experience (albeit limited) the volunteer plants are stronger anyway. I yield to the inevitable.

Anonymous said...

I like to visit my plants, too. The only edibles that are currently up are chives and garlic. Neither one is large enough to eat yet.
Pam in Maine

Daisy said...

I'm pleasantly surprised at how much is blooming in my corner of Wisconsin. My facebook memories are full of the blizzard of 2018 - anything growing was smothered and frozen that weekend!