Sunday, March 3, 2024

Snapshots: Some Spring Things

First, and most exciting: WE HAVE FLOWERS OUTSIDE!

Hi, crocuses!

I know that A. had many other ideas for this old mechanic's pit that would have been much more practical, but seeing all these bulbs come up is making me so happy.

Also outside: Rapidly growing lambs.

Can you spot the lamb?

The terrible wind last week blew a board off our back fence, which separates the sheep flock from my garden. Thankfully, it's too small for any of the sheep to actually get through, but it's just the right size for a lamb to stick its head through and try to eat the dead grass right there. I was just about a second too late to get a photo of its head through the fence, though. Boo. It was pretty funny.

This is definitely the season of eggs. We're getting four or five a day now, and I'm also getting them from my friend with a much larger chicken flock. That means it's time for . . .

Lime preservation is starting, yay!

Even though I get sick of it by the end, I do love the season of food preservation. The eggs are just the beginning. I also started tomatoes yesterday, which I hope to be preserving starting around August, Lord willin' and the hail (and grasshoppers) don't destroy them. 

I didn't take a photo of the tomato containers, but I do have one of a shower chair.

See, after the last foot surgery when the cast had come off and the post-surgical child could shower again, but still couldn't put weight on the foot, I remembered that we had an actual shower chair that the kids had dragged out of the shed of the house next store that we own. 

What are the odds?

This was duly scrubbed off, brought inside, and used for the week or so before he could stand on both feet again.

We're at the shower-chair stage of the recovery again, so the giant white plastic chair with drainage holes in the seat is now in residence in the kids' tub again.

I was informed after this was taken that I had put the chair the wrong way. It should face away from the water, so you're not drowning in a waterfall to the face the whole time. Makes sense. Never having used one, however, I had to be told this.

There you have it! My life, snapshotted.

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