Friday, November 5, 2010

Hygiene Trumps Apples

I could tell you were all greatly concerned about my shower scheduling yesterday, so I thought I should let you know that I did indeed decide that personal hygiene was more important than peeling and coring two thousand more apples. Hence, my hair got washed, but the melted apple butter did not get made.

It's not looking good for the melted apple butter today, either, as my mental plan must accommodate a trip to the Small City to get ready for our trip to Arizona next week.


Yes, the whole happy family (well, except for the MiL, who has to stay behind to woman the fort and make sure the sheep stay out of the damn road) will be journeying to sunny Tucson so that Cubby can spend some time with my family. Especially his cousin, who is now two and a half and who has been diligently practicing pushing the swing in anticipation of having a smaller child to play with.

I foresee many, many adorable photos just waiting to be taken.

What this means for me right now, of course, is a fury of preparations along the lines of trying to find warm weather clothes that actually fit Cubby (a stop at the Salvation Army to procure some of these will be necessary, I think) and purchasing disposable diapers. And let me tell you how weird THAT will feel, as disposable diapers are an item I have bought all of ONE time.

A. will be trying to fortify the fences so the sheep will stay in the pasture instead of wandering over to the neighbor's in search of nonexistent greener pastures; I will be doing laundry; the boxes of lamb need to be retrieved from the butcher; the hides are still curing in the barn but I'm afraid have suffered a setback due to the rain we've been having and the leaky nature of the barn roof.

Somehow I think our list of Things To Do Before Vacation is just a wee bit different than yours.

But cured hides or no, come Tuesday night we will be on a plane bound for family, sun, and unlimited hot water. Arizona, here we come!


Anonymous said...

A change of that is what I call a VACATION.

word verification-sweista

swedish seista

Alicia said...


Oh, I have a blog request...tell me how that whole cloth diaper thing works. The hubby and I don't have kids yet, but I think I want to try it when we do...the hubby thinks otherwise. How do you do it?!

Daisy said...

I hope Cubby enjoys the vacation!

Kristin @ Going Country said...

Alicia: I would be happy to bequeath my extensive diapering knowledge to you, but I don't think I'll do a post about it. If you send me your e-mail address (same goes for the rest of the no-doubt vast hordes who will be clamoring for information about diapers), I will send you back an exhaustive and probably entirely-too-long e-mail all about cloth diapers.

I am nothing if not generous.

FinnyKnits said...

Oh! Enjoy Tucson - of course, you have chosen the perfect time to visit. Which, obviously.

Safe travels and good luck with the pelts.

rls said...

Will the Salvation Army have summer clothes this time of year? Maybe you should just buy some at Salvation Army or Goodwill when you get there, and then re-donate them when you leave (since he will have outgrown them by next warm-weather season at Blackrock). It'd make packing easier!