Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Hard Part

Just like life in general, having livestock means that sometimes you win (hello, adorable spring lambs!) and sometimes you lose (good-bye, Tillie's lamb). Yesterday, we lost.

Despite several days of diligent nursing, Donnie the Ram succumbed last night to a mysterious ailment. The rest of the flock seems to be okay, thankfully. And Donnie's legacy will live on in the lambs that will (we presume) be born in the spring.

Farewell, Don Juan, lover of ewes. You did your duty faithfully and well.


Anonymous said...

Oh, dear! We will hope for a healthy and active little boy lamb in the spring to take Donnie's place. Mary in MN

flask said...

sorry about the setback.

my friend sally used to raise her own meat. if she didn't raise it, she didn't eat it.

dinner at sally's was not for the fainthearted. each package of meat was lovingly inscribed with the name of the animal who provided it, and dinner always involved a eulogy.

it's hard for me to think about sheep without thinking about dinner at sally's.

jive turkey said...

Oh no. That makes me very sad, as you know I am not very good at thinking of these animals as Not Pets. Hope all the little spring lambs emerge healthy.

Morbid question: What do you do with his body now?