Saturday, February 4, 2012

So Much for Resting Pose

A word of advice:  Never attempt to do yoga with a toddler in attendance.

Or perhaps I should amend that thusly:  Never attempt to do yoga with MY toddler in attendance.

As background, allow me to briefly mention with minimal whining that this baby-carrying is not so much kicking my ass as my back.  I started having back pain--both the muscle variety and the sciatic nerve variety--about a month ago, and it damn near crippled me some days.  So after doing some (MINIMAL, I SWEAR) whining about it after all, I decided I'd better shut up and find something proactive to do about it.

Enter the yoga.

Now, the idea of attending an actual class that involves me leaving the house regularly in one of my precious three hours of Cubby-free time a day was not viable.  But DVDs I can do.  So I got a couple from the library.

I should say that I took one yoga class in college--a class of approximately 200 people with one instructor--hated it, and never did yoga in any form after that.  But desperate times, you know, so I got the DVDs.

A. wanted to watch them with me and try some of the stretching, as he is the least-flexible man in the universe (confirmation pending) and happened to be really sore after some extreme wight lifting.  So the whole happy family gathered in the library to watch my prenatal yoga DVDs.

The first instruction was to sit on the floor or on a chair in the resting pose.  So I sat down.  And immediately had a lapful of Cubby, pointing at the television and yelling,"Sleep? Sleep?" at the women demonstrating stretching with their eyes closed.

After that, he found a ribbon which he proceeded to wind himself up in. He also found my slippers, which he put on and wore while he climbed aboard his digger and pressed all the buttons, activating all the machine noises.  In addition, he ran at full speed back and forth across the room, leaped on his father's back in anticipation of "trot trot" when father was on his hands and knees stretching, and stood in front of the television blocking the view of it and talking at the women looking all calm and restful because they were in a child-free room.

I decided it might be wise to wait until after Cubby was in bed to actually try this myself.

I didn't notice any immediate and spectacular relief, but I did notice that DAMN do I have some tight muscles, so obviously the stretching is going to do me some good in some way.  So I'll keep doing it.

But only after that insane kid of mine is in bed.


Phoo-D said...

Lol, I learned that one the hard way too! Not only will I have the kid climbing my legs but the dog decides to get in on the fun too. It is impossible to do yoga with a dog standing underneath you breathing in your face and a baby pulling your hair. Hope the stretching helps!

Stephanie Z said...

A million years ago I decided it was time to lose the extra 25lbs of baby fat I was carrying around 4 years after my last was born. It was pretty funny watching my son sweatin to the oldies with me. He knew the routines better than me!! He is 26 now.. Sigh.. Keep stretching it will help!

Anonymous said...

I seem to have back issues when I am tense. Hope your child free yoga helps. :) Beth

Alyssa said...

I can totally identify with this. But - yoga before bed makes for a better night's sleep, so at least there's that!

Daisy said...

I can't help but laugh. It certainly won't be humorous keeping track of him while you attempt yoga, but this will be a story you can tell when he gets older - and you can embarrass the heck out of him.

Tina - Our Rustic Roots said...

This post would be SO much better with pictures! :) lol